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Roland F-140R Lifestyle Home Digital Piano - White
SRP: 1,099.00EUR
Our Price: 999.00EUR
You Save: 9%
The latest in Roland's incredible compact home piano's, the F-140R takes over where the F-130 left off.

Designed with modern living in mind, the Roland F-140R features a very stylish spring loaded key cover, which is also very practically compact. Ideal for apartments etc., the F-140R is packed with very useful premium features.

This acclaimed piano now comes with Bluetooth connectivity. This features enables you to flexibly use the piano for recording. It also allows for the piano to be used interactively with music score apps. The player can allocate the middle sostenuto pedal to be used to change the page. It also has a USB port, making it easy to hook up directly to a computer.

With its on-board rhythm function, the F-140R gives you the ability to play and practice music along with a beautiful backing ensemble. The rhythms are incredibly easy to use, providing intelligent backing that automatically follows the chords you play. 72 different rhythm styles cover a diverse variety of musical genres, from rock and jazz to Latin, reggae, modern electronic styles, and many others. In addition to the fun of practicing and performing with a full-band sound, the rhythms help build your timing skills in a way that’s far more engaging than the standard metronome function. Playing with rhythms also offers a great opportunity to explore making music with the F-140R’s generous selection of non-piano sounds, such as organ, guitar, brass, synths, and more. Twin Piano mode that splits the keyboard so that two people can play side by side in the same ranges.

Available in Contemporary Black and White.
Roland F-140R Lifestyle Home Digital Piano - White
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