Electro Harmonix Nano Operation Overlord Overdrive Pedal EXHNOPE

Explosive overdrive for your whole band. The Electro Harmonix Nano Operation Overlord Overdrive gives you a huge range of classic overdrive tones to use in your music. With 3 JFET gain stages providing everything from a light crunch to a fully-saturated, explosive distortion, you'll never run out of ways to spice up your playing with a bit of overdrive.

There's a whole new dimension of it available when you hit the "Boost" button and turn on Boost Mode. This provides you with a full pedal-style overdrive circuit before the JFET gain stages, increasing the overall overdrive sound. And unlike most overdrive pedals, the Overlord works with not just guitar, but bass, keyboard, and any other electrical instruments you can think of. A "Dry Blend" control retains the articulation and low-end of all instruments, making this pedal super-flexible. Get one for everyone in your band. Apart from the drummer...

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Full Description

Explore every inch of the overdrive spectrum

From subtle, understated grit to full, intense overdrive. The EHX Nano Operation Overlord is absolutely perfect for finding the ideal overdrive sound to suit your music. With three JFET gain stages, you can go from a touch of crunch with the gain control down low, to hugely saturated distortion with the knob turned all the way round. There's loads to play with.

Brilliant "Boost Mode"

If those three gain stages aren't enough for you, Electro Harmonix have given you even more in the Nano Overlord. That "something more" comes in the form of a fantastic Boost Mode. Acting like a full-pedal style overdrive circuit before the JFET gain circuit, it adds a whole extra dimension of overdrive to your signal. So overall distortion is increased, and you benefit from an even bigger sound for when you really want to hammer every note home with unmistakable crunch.

Multi-instrumentalist? This one's for you...

Electro Harmonix are renowned in the music industry for their sensational guitar effects pedals. But the Overlord is something a little different. While it may still be a fantastic guitar FX stomp box, it's also been optimised for use with bass guitar, keyboard, and pretty much any electronic instrument you can think of to use it with.

A 3-position input provides changeable settings for a wide range of instruments. But what makes the Overlord particularly brilliant for use across different instruments is its "Dry Blend" control. Especially good for keyboards and basses, the "Dry Blend" helps you to keep all of the sweet, natural articulation of your instrument's voice. And it makes sure you don't lose any of your bottom end, keeping bass notes full and rich, but allowing you to add a distinctive dose of distortion.


  • Model Name: Electro Harmonix Nano Operation Overlord Overdrive
  • Model Code: NANO OVERLORD
  • EQ: 3-Band
  • Controls:
    • GAIN Knob
    • DRY Knob
    • INPUT LVL Switch
    • BASS Knob
    • MID Knob
    • TREBLE Knob
    • VOL Knob
    • BOOST Button w/Blue LED
  • Connections:
    • INPUT Jack
    • OUTPUT Jack
    • BOOST FSW Jack
    • 9V POWER Jack
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