Electro Harmonix Sovtek Deluxe Big Muff Pi Distortion Sustainer Pedal, EHXDLXSOV

Say hello to your (not so) little friend. The Sovtek Deluxe Bigg Muff Pi Distortion Pedal may sound like a mouthful, but it deserves its title as it is filled with quality craftmanship. An unbelievably extensive creation, it gives you access to a wealth of EQ options which can inspire your riffing and give your tone immense levels of distortion.


Whether you're after an unrelenting beefy sound or you want to add a milder grunt to your tone, this pedal has it all, and is more than capable of delivering on your demands without fail. No matter what setting you're in, your playing will become more prominent, and you can change it up at any time with multiple footswitches at your disposal.

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Mid-range madness

The backbone of guitar power. You'll find no shortage of mid-range frequency options when you first dial in your sound on this pedal. With a dedicated footswitch for boosting/cutting your mids, your guitar will stand out when you want it to in both live settings as well as recorded mixes.

With a mids level knob, changing the centre frequency of your mids is easy. You can set it between a range of 310Hz to 5kHz, giving you ample tones to play with and a whole load of firepower should you want it. The level control also allows for a boost or cut of up to 10dB, and the high/low Q switch gives you control over the resonance/bandwidth of your EQ. If you’re looking for stacks of sonic options, the Deluxe Big Muff Pi is here to say hi.


Bassists and guitarists unite

It's not just the mids that shine. There's plenty of low-end goodness as well as high end magic which can complement your sound. The blend knob makes this pedal a useful companion for bass players too, as it allows them to retain their treasured low end without detracting from the overall tone.

Coming with a handy wicker switch, you can add tremendous high end attack to your chops whenever you like. Flick the switch down and you'll get a classic Green Russian circuit sound. You can throw everything at this pedal, but it will not stop producing outstanding tonal results.


No nonsense

Wave goodbye to any unwanted noise in your playing. Being equipped with a built-in noise gate, you'll be able to keep your playing pristine, with only the sounds you want being heard. You can also utilise the expression pedal input to create wah effects and add some pizazz to your output.

With volume, tone and sustain dials offering the ability to craft each note you play into something special, you're sure to find your new favourite pedal contained within this nifty box.



  • Pedal type: A fully integrated pedal that combines the “Civil War” / “Tall Font” Green Russian Big Muffs plus the Deluxe Big Muff Pi
  • EQ: Foot-switchable MIDS EQ section that delivers extensive sound shaping control
  • Switches: High Q / Low Q switch and Wicker switch to open up high frequency bandwidth
  • Noise Gate
  • Expression pedal input
  • True Bypass
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