Electro Harmonix Triangle Big Muff Pi Distortion & Sustainer Pedal, EHXNTRI

Back where it all began. The Electro Harmonix Triangle Big Muff Pi celebrates the 50th anniversary of one of the most iconic guitar pedals in history. For decades, the Big Muff has been a staple on countless musician's pedalboards. Why? As much as we can talk about its rich, blistering-hot fuzz tones and irresistible sustain - you only need to listen to the greats of rock music to understand its potential. Whether it's Hendrix, Santana, or even John Lennon - almost every guitarist has discovered the brilliance of the Big Muff. So it goes without saying that no pedalboard is complete without one.

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The perfect fuzz sound

Experience the sound of legends. The fuzz effect first started to appear in rock and roll in the 1960s. Some of the biggest, best hits of the decade were created with this revolutionary new sound. The first experimentations came with the likes of The Kinks' exhilarating "You Really Got Me". Keith Richards employed fuzz with unbelievable, world-conquering effect on The Rolling Stones' "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction".

It wasn't until the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff that fuzz really began to revolutionise music, though. A first prototype released in 1968 had all the hallmarks of the early fuzz sound that had proved so popular, but founder Mike Matthews wanted more powerful, bass-heavy fuzz.

In 1969, the Big Muff captured that sound and went on to become the most legendary pedal in rock. One week after the very first models of the pedal were released in New York City, Jimi Hendrix purchased one. The rest is history. Hendrix used the pedal to craft his iconic sound before his untimely death a year later. David Gilmour used one on Pink Floyd's The Wall. The Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth, Thin Lizzy, Kiss, Frank Zappa, and more would all use the very same pedal to achieve amazing, overdriven, distorted fuzz tones and release unparalleled aggression into their music. With the 50th anniversary Triangle Big Muff (so named because of the triangular layout of the dials), you can too.

Superb for pedalboards

The perfect pedalboard addition. The Triangle Big Muff's compact size makes it the ideal tool for any guitarist's pedalboard. Enjoy its legendary fuzz tones without sacrificing a great deal of space for your other prized effects, allowing you to carry on building and improving your effects library. Furthermore, the Big Muff is extremely durable thanks to its die-cast chassis. Peace of mind that you'll be able to enjoy its mesmerising distortion for years to come, no matter how much you use it.

Legendary quality, more accessible than ever

The original '69 circuit Big Muff's legendary status was entirely deserved. For a pedal that had such an impact on rock music, it was only fair that it should benefit from an incredible reputation. But this meant that the pedal became increasingly expensive and inaccessible to musicians without a fat bank balance, with some models selling for in excess of a thousand dollars.

With the Triangle Big Muff, Electro Harmonix have brought all of the hallmark quality of their original pedal into an affordable model for the modern-day. Founder Mike Matthews says the ethos for the reissue was creating a model that "nails that creamy, violin-like sustain and musical tone" of the original, for "a price a working musician can afford". Electrifying fuzz for everyone.


  • Model Name: Electro Harmonix Triangle Big Muff Pi
  • Model Code: TRIBM
  • Pedal Type: Distortion/Fuzz
  • Switching: True Bypass
  • Controls: Volume, Tone, Sustain
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