Elixir Nanoweb Light Mandolin Strings, 10-34, E11500

Fantastic feel, timeless tone. The Elixir E11500 Nanoweb Light Mandolin Strings boast brilliance. And once you've played, you won't look back. This is your mandolin-playing future, with a feel and tone you won't forget. Durable, reliable, and superbly strong. There's simply nothing to get in the way of your persona with Elixir.

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Made from 80/20 bronze with Elixir's distinctive Nanoweb coating. These E11500 Light Mandolin Strings are long-lasting with an indulgent tone. Coated in such a unique way, these Elixir Strings are protected from every day contaminants. They also have a strong, flexible micro-thin polymer tube that guards the most critical part of the string. Allowing the E11500's to rumble with sonic richness for many performances to come. Plus, Elixir's special Nanoweb coating makes gliding up and down the fingerboard comfortable, and utterly effortless. Experience strings that feel as good as new, for many performances to come...



  • Product: Elixir E11500 Nanoweb 80/20 Light Mandolin Strings, 10-34
  • Code: E11500
  • For Instrument Type: Mandolin
  • Number of Strings: 8
  • Material: 80/20 Bronze
  • Construction: Round Wound
  • Coating: Nanoweb
  • Gauge: Light 10 - 34
  • Gauge (High to Low): 10, 10, 14, 14, 24, 24, 34, 34
  • String End: Loop End
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