Elixir Polyweb Banjo Strings, Medium, E11650

Medium 5 string set for banjo from POLYWEB series with ultra-thin coating that protects the entire string, keeps gunk out of the gaps between the windings, and delivers extended tone life, balanced sound and extra-long lifespan of the strings. Special coating also reduces unnecessary finger friction and squeak, therefore enhances the playability and provides consistent performance. Strings are made with nickel-wrapped/plain steel construction and loop ends to deliver rich, rounded tone with greater clarity. Gauges: .010, .012, .016, .023, .010.

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  • Nickel-wrapped/plain steel construction and loop ends
  • Ultra-thin Polyweb coating
  • Extended tone life
  • Consistent performance and tone
  • Smooth feel
  • Reduced finger squeak
  • Gauges: .010-.012-.016-.023-.010
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