Fender Compugilist Compressor/Distortion Pedal 023-4551-000

The sweetest blend. Essential effects that go hand in hand. The Fender Compugilist Compressor/Distortion brings you two desirable effects housed in one durable, Fender-quality chassis. An original Fender circuit crafted from lightweight, anodized aluminum. It's built for performance, and it's truly perfect for bringing to your next show or studio session. It's time to explore two classic effects at the tap of a button.

This is an all-analog pedal that features Fender's renowned know-how. As many players know, compression and distortion is a tasty combination. So, Fender bring you the option to use both effects together, or solo. And, the Compugilist also features easy-to-use controls that make it a breeze to dial in your individual tone. It's designed by experts, and made for you, the modern musician. Sonically delicious, and utterly unique. Don't be bound by tradition - get creative with Fender.

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Two sonic wonders, combined - tasty

Want a deliciously distorted tone? Love that snappy, sustained compressor character? Look no further. The Fender Compugilist brings these two sought-after sonic flavours to your fingertips. Based on some of Fender's most popular compressor and distortion pedals. This Compugilist breaks the mould, and provides two desirable effects in one, durable, Fender-designed chassis. It's time to give your instrument a whole new Compugilist attitude.

Essential, majestic, classic. Three things that you don't necessarily think about when choosing your next pedal. Although, this Compressor/Distortion combines essential, everyday effects we all know, and love with a majestic sonic attitude. Plus, it holds all that classic Fender character too. You can choose between a compressor or distortion effects. Both all-analog effects are independently switchable. So, you can use this tasty sonic blend solo, or stacked. Don't be bound by tradition - get creative with Fender.

Tailor your tone

Designed by experts, born to perform. This Compugilist Compressor/Distortion offers a modern array of features to meet your needs. Perfect for dialing in your individual tone, you have a variety of rotary controls to play around with. So, no matter your need, or style of performance, this is a pedal that delivers everything from clean to snappy compressor character and indulgent distortion. And, you can add your own individual snarl to your sonic arsenal too.

Heaps of tonal flexibility. Explore distortion and compressor effects either solo, or stacked. These are two effects that go hand in hand. And, once used together, you have two distinctive sonic flavours that truly ignite passion for performance. Easy-to-use, and ideal for pin-pointing the perfect balance of compressor and distortion. With straight-forward controls, and a bass boost toggle switch, you have everything you need to tailor your tone to precision. Fender put control in your hands, are you ready?

Original Fender design

An all-original Fender circuit. And that's exactly the way it should be. Crafted with passion, care, and a meticulous design. The result - a sound is filled with classic Fender charisma. With a cool, eye-catching look, it's time to give your pedal board an iconic Fender aesthetic - unmistakable.

This a lightweight, reliable build with a chassis crafted with durable anodized aluminium. Ensuring this Compugilist will stay with you for many shows, and studio sessions to come. This Compressor/Distortion also sports switchable LED back-lit knobs for a classic Fender look. Plus, with LED back-lit knobs, your control settings are visibly vibrant in the darkest of venues.


  • Product: Fender Compuglist Compressor/Distortion
  • Code: 0234551000
  • Series: Pedals
  • Weight: 1.70 LB
  • Dimensions: 2.90 x 4.90 x 5.40 ''
  • Analog: Yes
  • Chassis: Lightweight Anodized Aluminium
  • Controls:
    • Tone
    • Gain
    • Level
    • Bass Boost
    • Recovery
    • Compression
    • Level
    • Distortion
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