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The Mirror Image Delay takes 3 popular delay types and packages them into one pedal. It contains a digital delay for crystal clear repeats, an analogue delay for warm repeats, and a tape delay for a modulated delay tone with real tape 'warble' and 'flutter'. Each delay has 2 variations for even more versatility, while an additional dotted 1/8 mode lets you achieve the 'U2-style' skipped delay repeat sound. The Mirror Image Delay has every control you need to control the important parameters, and can create a huge range of delay tones. The Mirror Image Delay has a rugged and lightweight aluminium chassis with a classy brushed metal finish. Along with the amplifier 'jewel' indication light, this pedal has a 'boutique' aesthetic and can take pride of place on your pedalboard. The pedal also has a clever magnetic latching battery compartment door, meaning you don't need screws to change the battery. With its rugged construction and versatile circuit design, the Mirror Image Delay is a professional and versatile pedal that can provide a very wide range of delay options for your many different requirements.

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Full Description

Versatile Delay Tones

The Mirror Image Delay Pedal has 3 types of delay to cover every eventuality. It has digital, analogue and tape sounds, along with an additional Dotted 1/8 mode for achieving the U2-style 'skipping' delay effect. The wide range of controls let you alter every important parameter and should have you covered for every musical possibility.

Three Delay Types

The Mirror Image has 3 delay tones, and each tone has 2 separate variations for even more versatility.

The digital delay sound creates a crystal-clear repeat and is ideal for '70s and '80s style studio tones. The analog delay has a rich and warm modulation to its repeats, simulating the way analogue signals deteriorate after each iteration. The tape delay provides the most coloured sound; it modulates and deteriorates the repeated signals, emulating the way a tape device would introduce warbles and flutters into the signal.

These 3 delay tones (6 sounds overall) should cover almost every delay sound you may need to create, and make the Mirror Image Delay a very handy tool for live use and in the studio.

The control layout is intuitive and provides fine control over every aspect of your sounds; so, whether you require a fast slap-back delay, a crystal clean single repeat, a warm and sumptuous tone-fattening sound, or an ambient sound-scape to drift away into - the Mirror Image Delay has the capability to deliver every eventuality.

Professional Features

The Mirror Image has a rugged and lightweight aluminium chassis with a brushed metal finish. This gives it both read-ready durability and a classy-aesthetic that can take pride-of-place on your pedalboard. The pedal is built by Fender who have a multitude of experience in amplifier design and you can be sure that this pedal will last a lifetime of gigging, rehearsing and recording.

Magnetic Battery Door & Jewel Light

The jewel LED light not only looks great, it also adds a handy on-stage visual indicator of the pedal's operation. The pedal has a clever battery compartment door; it has a magnetic latch which means you can easily change the battery with no fiddly screws to worry about.

This is a thoroughly professional pedal - both in tone and appearance - and would make a welcome addition to your pedalboard.


  • 3 delay types - analogue, digital, tape
  • Each delay type has 2 variations for maximum versatility
  • Lots of control over the delay depth, rate and feedback
  • Effect tails continue when pedal is bypassed for a smooth performance
  • Create all manner of delay sounds
  • Includes a Dotted 1/8 control for the "Skipping" delay effect
  • Rugged anodized aluminium construction
  • Classy brushed finish and jewel light
  • Battery door with magnetic latching opening (no screws needed)
  • Powered by 9V battery or DC


  • Effect Type: Delay
  • Controls: Modulation Depth, Modulation Rate, Feedback, Delay Time, Type Toggle (Digital/Analog/Tape), Dotted 1/8 Note Toggle (On/Off), Variation Toggle (1/2), Effect Level, Effect Mute Footswitch
  • Inputs: 1 x 1/4'' Instrument
  • Outputs: 1 x 1/4'' Instrument
  • Power Requirements: 9-Volt Battery or DC Negative AC Adaptor
  • Power Consumption: 72mA
  • Input Impedance: 1M ohm
  • Output Impedance: 1k ohm
  • Material: Anodized Aluminium
  • Colour: Blue
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