Fender MTG:LA Tube Distortion Pedal 0234547000

Raw tube power. The Fender MTG:LA Tube Distortion pedal is designed to deliver a powerful, authentic, tube amp punch when you kick it on. Your riffs will instantly be transformed into explosive, crunchy demons ? they'll sound super tight. Whether you want a low grumble or all-out screaming distortion, you can dial in your own sound with the extensive, responsive control panel. It doesn't end there ? a built-in boost provides even more sonic firepower. With it, you'll be able to make solos stand out and chords punch through any mix like daggers. Looking for the jewel in the crown that is your pedalboard? You've found it.

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Tube is king

It's no secret. Tube based distortion is the go-to for any guitarist worth their salt. There's nothing quite like the feel, punch, and growl it possesses – it simply sounds incredible. The MTG:LA pedal gives you all the tube distortion you could ever want in your tone, so you can push your amp to the max. With it, you can easily dial in the exact level of gain you want, as well as the level and intensity of the effect. This means you can use it for virtually any genre – it will always sound tight.

It's like an amp of its own. Using the treble and bass EQ dials, you can make sure you've got the frequencies right. Along with the tight, level, and tone controls, these dials will give you access to a wide range of distortion types. In addition, there's a boost and gain section which can be used with the boost footswitch. This means that you can add even more volume and gain to your sound when the boost switch is pressed. With this, you'll be able to push your sound even further – super useful for gigs.

Like a tank

It's no softy. Made from anodised aluminium, this pedal with withstand all the kicking, stomping, and general abuse you can throw at it. It's also lightweight, making it easy to transport. The circuit is an all-original Fender design, so its quality is backed up by Fender's extensive track record for quality. In darker settings, the LED backlit knobs will help to guide you along the pedal. This is one distortion pedal which will never let you down.


  • Model Name: MTG: LA Tube Distortion
  • Controls: Tone, Treble, Bass, Tight, Level, Gain, Level Boost, Gain Boost
  • Footswitch: Bypass, Boost
  • Dimensions: 2.90x4.90x5.40 IN
  • Weight 1kg
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