Hohner Progressive Series 560 Special 20 Harmonica (F Key)

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The legendary Special 20 harmonica offers unique qualities in its response, superior bending, and a rich tone. Featuring a durable, airtight, plastic combit has become a popular choice for  musicians that enjoy a wide variety of genres from country and folk, to rhythm and blues. Available in 12 major keys as well as a special Country Tuning, which features a major 7th when played in the cross harp position. With their excellent response and great tone, diatonic harmonicas from HOHNER have earned a worldwide reputation for the finest quality.


  • Type: diatonic
    Ttuning: Richter
    Number of holes: 10
    Reeds: 20 brass
    Cover surface: stainless steel
    Reed plates: 0,9 mm brass
    Reed plate: surface brass
    Mouthpiece: surface ABS
    Comb: ABS, black
    Length: 10 cm
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