Martin 000JR-10 Junior Spruce Acoustic Guitar Cherry Stain

The Martin 000JR-10 Spruce Cherry Stain features a Spruce Stop, Sapele Back and Sides, Select Hardwood Neck, Richlite Fretboard, Dot Inlays, Chrome Enclosed Gear Tuners, and comes with a gigbag. SKU: CFM-GTR-000JR10

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The Junior Series was created for players who are looking for a big sound in a more compact package.  It has a spruce top for additional warmth and projection, as well as a hand-rubbed neck with a high-performance taper for ease of play. This variant also has a soft back edge for added comfort when playing. Every Junior comes with a plush gig bag for convenient transport, allowing you to take your music anywhere. 
The Martin 000JR is a part of Martin Guitar Company's 000 Junior series, which features smaller-sized, more compact acoustic guitars designed for comfortable playability and portability. The "000" in the name refers to the body size and shape, which is similar to a grand auditorium or concert-sized guitar. These guitars typically have a shallower body depth compared to larger dreadnought models, making them easier to handle, especially for those looking for a more comfortable playing experience.
Body Shape and Size: The 000JR has a 000-sized body, which is smaller and more compact than a dreadnought. This body shape is known for its balanced tone and versatility.
Tonewoods: Martin often uses high-quality tonewoods in their guitars. The 000JR may feature a solid spruce top for a clear and balanced tone, while the back and sides could be made of different tonewoods, such as sapele or mahogany.
Neck: The neck is typically made from select hardwood and features a comfortable shape for ease of playability. It might have a scale length of around 24.9 inches.
Fingerboard: The fingerboard is often made of select hardwood, with a set number of frets (usually 20 or 20+). The material and inlays on the fingerboard can vary by model.
Bridge: The bridge is commonly made from a similar hardwood as the fingerboard and houses the saddle, which transfers string vibrations to the guitar's top for sound production.
Electronics: Some models in the 000 Junior series may come with onboard electronics, allowing for easy amplification when needed.
Finish: The finish of the guitar can vary, but it's often a high-quality, durable finish that protects the wood and enhances the guitar's appearance.
Sound: The 000JR is known for its balanced and clear sound, making it suitable for a variety of playing styles, including fingerstyle, flatpicking, and strumming.


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