Suhr Andy Wood Woodshed Compressor Guitar Pedal, 03-WSC-0001

Embellishing your tone, not replacing it. The Suhr Andy Wood Woodshed Compressor was designed to retain all your natural tonal character and elevate it. The aim was to build a totally unique, characterful compressor that will always add to your tone, never take away. Vintage compressors often have wonderful tone but can be temperamental, the Woodshed is far more reliable and consistent, without sacrificing any character or warm saturation. Retain all the tone and transients of your signal, imbue singing sustain, and bring your sound to life with the Woodshed.

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A new breed of compressor

Natural. Pure. Present. The Suhr Andy Wood Woodshed Compressor was designed from the ground up to offer a new flavour within the world of compression. Purity, clarity, and character were highly valued and it was explicitly designed to retain every tiny bit of your tone and take it up a gear. Many compressors mangle and radically alter your tone, the Woodshed is the exact opposite. Making your sound richer, fuller, and more vibrant. The VCA option was chosen as these are faster and generate less distortion than other compressors and the feed-forward design was to achieve truly superior transparency and clarity of tone. The Woodshed was created to breathe life into your tone, and elevate it wherever possible; taking your playing to unknown heights.


Bespoke design

Andy Wood is a versatile guitarist, it makes sense he'd need a versatile compressor. The Suhr Woodshed delivers remarkable versatility, uncompromising quality and a control scheme specifically designed to be easy to use, and quick to dial-in. These controls were deliberately created with a very sensitive range, including a wide sweep, expanded ratio, threshold and gain range. This allows the threshold to work on lower signals, such as single coils. Suhr wanted balance so that the core tone is never lost, only improved.



  • Built in the USA
  • VCA compressor, tailored towards and studio-type schematic
  • Designed in collabration with Andy Wood
  • Feed-forward gain reduction
  • Soaring sustain, without the need to push your amp gain too high
  • Incredible headroom allows you to use as a boost
  • Clean and clear compression with no loss of transient or character



  • Input Impedance: 1MΩ
  • Output Impedance: 1kΩ
  • Compression Range: 1:1 – ∞:1
  • Power Connector: 9Vdc, center negative, 2.1mm x 5.5mm
  • Operating Voltage: 9Vdc
  • Reverse Battery Protection: Yes
  • Over Voltage Protection: Yes
  • Current Consumption: ~80mA
  • Dimensions: 46.2(W) x 97.8(D) x 48(H) mm
  • Weight: 0.17 kg
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