Suhr Eclipse Dual-Channel Overdrive/Distortion Guitar Pedal, 03-ECL-0003

An immense amount of innovation. A wealth of versatility. The Suhr Eclipse Dual-Channel Overdrive and Distortion offers endless opportunities to create a unique sound. Swimming in rich, organic tones, your music will be catapulted into absolute perfection thanks to the two-channel circuit design, which offers independent controls. These ensure you have the freedom to tailor each channel to sound exactly how you imagined, bringing your music to life.


Whilst being ideal for taking on the road thanks to its compact size, the Eclipse also accommodates every one of your sound's needs, meaning you will never need another pedal like it. Finetune frequencies from the low-end basses to the gleaming higher range, and know that it will always work well with amps and other pedals on your board. For an incredible sound that fuels your creativity, the Suhr Eclipse is the pedal you'll want to turn to.

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Divine dual channels

Suhr know the importance of never being limited in sound. All of their products have been designed to offer the utmost versatility, and the Eclipse is no different. Along with two channels come independent gain, level, and EQ controls, so you can precisely adjust your tone. Crank up the gain for that aggressive grit which makes any performance viscously electric. Or turn it down for a cleaner sound. Create two different tones and experience the beauty of being able to switch between them easily on stage with minimal stress.


An organic sound

From the lower frequencies to the higher end, the passive EQ circuit featured in this pedal offers a beautiful amp-like sound that is natural and deceivingly authentic. If you’re looking for a tone that sounds as unprocessed as possible whilst still having a gigantic impact, then the Eclipse is perfect. Experience incredible floor-thumping overdriven tones that reflect the sound of an amp, whilst using a small pedal that takes up as little room as possible - tehn be immersed in ferocious distortion that will undoubtedly enchant the room.


Perfect for any amp

A super compelling feature of the Eclipse pedal is the voice control located in the centre of the box. There is no need to worry about the combination of the pedal with different amps, just simply adjust the voice control to finetune your tone for perfect resonance. Whether you're connecting a dark, bassier amplifier that gives you a fatter tone, or a bright one with sparkling clarity, you can adjust the response of the pedal to match. This allows for even more versatility and comfort when taking it on the road and using it during multiple gigs.




  • Model Name: Suhr Eclipse Dual-Channel Overdrive/Distortion
  • PC: 03-ECL-0003
  • Input Impedance:1M Ohms
  • Output Impedance:100 Ohms
  • Power Connector: 9Vdc, Centre Negative, 2.1mm x 5.5mm
  • Operating Voltage:4V to 18V (Nominal 9V)
  • Maximum Voltage:20Vdc
  • Reverse Battery Protection:Yes
  • Over Voltage Protection:Yes
  • Current Consumption:12mA Min, 15.5mA Max
  • ROHS Compliant: Yes
  • FX Link Connector:1/8” TRS Jack
  • FX Link Max Voltage:3.3Vdc
  • Dimensions: 4.875”(W) x 3.875”(D) x 1.375”(H)
  • Weight:0.5Kg
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