Concert Ukuleles

The Concert ukulele was designed to be slightly larger than the soprano with a much louder, deeper and more melodic tone. This sound was much more suited to concert playing.

Although sizes vary, it usually measures about 23 to 24 inches (58 - 61cm) in length, and is commonly tuned to GCEA like the Soprano and Tenor sizes. 

The larger body makes it louder and gives it more projection and the longer scale-length means the strings are held slightly tauter and therefore the notes carry for longer.

With its extra length and delicate tone the Concert ukulele is often the first choice for beginners.

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  1. Korala Concert Ukulele PUC-20 Various Colours - Polycarbonate
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  2. Korala Concert Ukulele All Sapele UKC-210
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  3. Freshman Concert Ukulele, Ash, UKASHC
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