Vox Custom Electric Guitar Combo Amp, AC10C1, Vintage Black

Flashy. The Vox AC10C1 Limited Edition is a suave amp which will create some of the best sounds you've ever heard. Featuring world class JJ Electronics preamp ad power amp tubes, it offers warm, booming tone which will fill the mix. And a Celestion G-10 Creamback speaker only builds on this solid sonic foundation, belting out crisp, detailed tones with an emphasis on the midrange and treble frequencies - even more power and punch. Then there's the dedicated set of responsive controls for finding your dream sound, which includes reverb for added atmosphere. Slick, sharp, and sleek, this is an amp which will ignite your creativity.

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A tower of tube

It's still the best. You can’t beat tube technology, which gives this amp a warm, crunchy, powerful tone which can blow the roof off when cranked. Two 12AX7 tubes in the preamp and two EL84s in the power section give this 10W beast more than enough volume and power for any situation, be it recording or playing live. And they're made by JJ Electronics - a world renowned tube-maker. If you're looking for a truly solid sound with a raw, authentic voicing, then look no further than the Vox AC10C1 Limited Edition.

Shape your sound

Detail. It's what's needed to create the perfect tone - all guitarists can relate. That's why this amp has a responsive array of control dials (but not too many). The classic three-band EQ lets you scoop and boost each frequency to your heart's desire. There's also a Gain dial for adding much-loved crunch and distortion to your sound, whilst the Reverb dial adds atmosphere and echo. Then there's the Volume dial for cranking and rolling down to suit your needs. And that's it. Armed with this simple-yet-effective set of controls, you'll be able to chase and capture all the tones you want.



  • Model Name:Vox AC10C1 Limited Edition, Vintage Black
  • PC:AC10C1-VB
  • Output Power: 10W Rms
  • Controls: Gain, Bass, Treble, Reverb, Volume
  • Tube Compliment: 2 &Times; 12ax7, 2 &Times; El84
  • Speaker: 1 &Times; 10-Inch Celestion Vx10
  • Input Jack: Input Jack
  • Output Jack: External Speaker Jack
  • Dimensions (W X D X H): 520 X 210 X 410 Mm/20.47"X8.27"X16.14"
  • Weight: 12.3kg/27.12 Lbs


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