Sela Venti Chimes Water (D, F, A, G), incl. bag

Bamboo Venti Chimes Water - Tuned to D, F, A, G. Produces beautiful spherical sounds. Includes bag.
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Experience the enchanting sounds of the Bamboo Venti Chimes Water, available at Everest Music. These wind chimes are meticulously tuned to the notes D, F, A, and G, creating harmonious spherical sounds that bring tranquility and beauty to any environment. Inside the bamboo chime, eight metal bars are arranged in a circle and are struck by a plastic disc, producing a mesmerizing musical effect. Perfect for both musical and decorative purposes, the chimes come with a convenient bag for easy transport and storage. Enhance your garden, patio, or musical sessions with these exquisite Bamboo Venti Chimes.

Product Specifications:

  • Type: Wind Chimes
  • Material: Bamboo
  • Tuning Notes: D, F, A, G
  • Sound: Spherical sounds
  • Internal Structure: 8 metal bars arranged in a circle, struck by a plastic disc
  • Accessories: Includes bag for transport and storage
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