Boss Core Guitar Effects Processor Pedal, GT-1000CORE

Get right to the core of your tone. The BOSS GT-1000 Core Guitar Effects Processor is a marvel of modern engineering. Featuring a wealth of different effects, including BOSS's flagship reverb, delay, chorus, and more, it places tonnes of tonal options right in your hands. You'll also have access to more amp and cab sims than you could ever want, each sounding authentic, detailed, and powerful. Your sound is about to evolve at speed.


The perfect weapon for live performances. You can easily integrate this unit into your existing amp/pedalboard setup thanks to its ultra-compact size and array of I/O options. But you can also go direct into the PA or any recording device thanks to the inbuilt amp/cab sims. Two FX loops enable you to create stunning sonic combinations with your favourite effects, whilst a headphone output allows for silent practice sessions. It's almost hard to believe how much innovation has gone into this pedal. Now it's time for you to innovate your sound.

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The tone-crafter

Thick, chunky, twangy, punchy, overdriven, or crystal-clean. Welcome to a world where you can craft your tone with precision and detail, all stemming from the BOSS GT-1000 Core. The digital interface makes it super easy to see what you're doing, and allows you to switch between different presets in a flash. Dial in your dream delay, reverb, modulation, distortion, or virtually any other effect in seconds.

The amp and cab sims give you access to a multitude of different amp and speaker voicings, so you can find the perfect option for your music. Using cutting edge AIRD technology, BOSS have managed to recreate amp tones which sound wholly authentic - even the tube amps sound like the real deal. Wherever you go, and however you choose to use this device, you can be sure that it'll bring you an absolutely stellar array of sounds which will reinvigorate your playing.


Playing a show? The GT-1000 has your back. With two effects loops, you can integrate your favourite effects, and really blow your audiences away with your soundscapes. Using the seven cable method, you can even run this through two amps, each with completely different signal chains. MIDI and CTL outputs lend you a whole host of options, including being able to automate amp channel switches to synchronise with effects changes. You can run up to 24 effects simultaneously, so you can really experiment with your sound and push the limits of what's possible. Supreme sonic dynamism, right at your fingertips.

Your recording workhorse

Make awe-inspiring music. This unit doesn't just excel live - it works perfectly for studio recording too. With such an array of amp, cab, and effect options at your disposal, you'll be able to find superb settings for your recording needs. 32 bit/96kHz audio ensures crisp, highly deteailed recording quality, so you can let every detail shine in your music. And being MIDI-compatible, you can easily link this up with other MIDI devices to expand your sonic capabilities. You'll also be able to load up to 16 Impulse Response (IR) files into the GT-1000 Core, as well as patch in your favoured synthesiser for incredible dynamism in your sound. And you can easily record your dry signal simultaneously, then re-amp your riffs later for the ultimate tone. This multi-effects unit will change the way you write, record, and play music forever.


  • Model Name: Boss GT-1000 Core Guitar Effects Processor
  • PC: GT-1000CORE
  • Sampling frequency: 96 kHz
  • AD/DA conversion: 32 bits
  • Processing: 32-Bit Floating Point
  • Memory: 250 (User) + 250 (Preset)
  • Phrase Loop: 38 Sec. (Mono), 19 Sec. (Stereo)
  • Tuner Internal Detection: +/- 0.1 Cent
  • Normal Input Level: Input L/Mono, R: -10 dbu, Return 1, Return 2: -10 dbu
  • Maximum Input Level: Input L/Mono, R: +12 dbu, Return 1, Return 2: +12 dbu
  • Input Impedance: Input L/Mono, R: 2 M Ohms, Return 1, Return 2: 1 M Ohm
  • Normal Output Level: Output L/Phones, R/Mono: -10 dbu, Send 1, Send 2: -10 dbu
  • Maximum Output Level: Output L/Phones, R/Mono: +12 dbu, Send 1, Send 2: +12 dbu
  • Output Impedance: Output L/Phones, R/Mono: 44 Ohms, Send 1, Send 2: 1 K Ohm
  • Recommended Load Impedance: Output L/Phones, R/Mono: 10 K Ohms Or Greater (Phones: 44 Ohms Or Greater, Send 1, Send 2: 10 K Ohms Or Greater
  • Controls: Down Switch, Up Switch, Ctl 1 Switch, Effect Button, Menu Button, Exit Button, Write Button, Page Button, 1-5 Knobs, Select Knob, Output Level Knob
  • Display: Lcd 256 X 80 Dots
  • Indicators: Up Indicator, Down Indicator, Ctl 1 Indicator
  • Connectors: Input (L/Mono, R), Output (R/Mono) Jacks: 1/4-Inch Phone Type
  • Output: (L/Phones) Jack: 1/4-Inch Trs Phone Type, CTL 2, 3/Exp 1?CTL 4, 5/Exp 2 Jacks: 1/4-Inch TRS Phone Type, Midi (In, Out)
  • Connectors: Stereo Miniature Phone Type
  • USB Computer Port: Usb Micro-B Type
  • Dc In: Jack
  • Power Supply: Ac Adaptor
  • Current Draw: 670 Ma
  • Dimensions: 173 (W) X 135 (D) X 63 (H) Mm / 6-13/16 (W) X 5-3/8 (D) X 2-12 (H) Inches, 173 (W) X 135 (D) X 65 (H) Mm / 6-13/16 (W) X 5-3/8 (D) X 2-9/16 (H) Inches (Including Rubber Foot)
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