Boss Digital Delay Guitar Pedal, DD-500

The Boss DD-500 Digital Delay Pedal is an extremely powerful and high performance delay pedal designed to provide 12 different types of studio quality delay effects in a single robust unit. With everything from 1980s style digital delays to modern reverse delays the DD-500 can be used to add unique character to your tone and deliver impressive stereo delay effects. Additionally the LCD screen, real-time control parameters and built in phrase looper make the DD-500 an extremely user friendly and advanced digital delay effect pedal.

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New Editor Software – Now Available

Dedicated editor software is now available giving you expanded access to your Boss DD-500. The new editor software gives you unprecedented access to your DD-500, with its highly intuitive interface. The DD-500 editor allows you to edit pretty much every parameter on your digital delay effects pedal. The editor allows you to do everything from change you effect library to assign and organise your controls, at the touch of a button.

Twelve Studio Quality Delay Modes

Featuring twelve different delay modes the DD-500 provides all the tools to create anything from standard digital delays to vintage delays and even psychedelic reversed delay tones. With a combination of vintage and modern delay types and advanced control parameters its extremely simple to create and store a range of delay tones for your full live set or use in the studio. Each delay type also incorporates a semi parametric EQ four adjustable EQ bands allowing you to fine tune your effect and create studio quality delays on the go.

Unbeatable Sound Quality

Running a high powered digital sound processor the DD-500 is capable of creating professional delays with an audio resolution of 32-bit/96 kHz in a wide stereo image. Although operating through a digital signal process the DD-500 ensures it does not filter or alter your original analog guitar tone allowing you to retain your guitar tone and simply adding stunning digital delay to the output mix. Additionally the buffered bypass means you can enable delay carryover when switching the pedal on and off so delay trails are never cut abrubtly.

Impressive Features and Real-Time Control

With a large LCD screen at the heart of the DD-500 gives you real-time visualisation of your current effects settings and stored bank so you never accidentally use the wrong tone. Furthermore the added USB port to the rear of the unit allows patch backup and storage on your Mac or PC so you never lose your favourite delay settings. By default, the A, B, and TAP/CTL switches offer intuitive control for two patches, bypass, bank selection, tap tempo, and more. However, they can be customized to operate in alternate ways, such as providing top-level access to three different delay patches, or allowing you to use two patches at once for layered delay sounds. Instead of tap tempo, you're able to assign the TAP/CTL switch to various real-time functions like Warp or Twist for a wide range of expressive effects.



  • Powerful and Versatile Stereo Digital Delay FX Pedal
  • Studio Quality Stereo Sound with 32-bit/96 kHz Processing Throughout
  • 12 Versatile Delay Modes from Vintage to Modern Deliver Unlimited Creative Possibilities
  • Unrivalled Real-Time Expression with Customizable Control Settings for On Board and External Switches
  • Graphic LCD for Easy, Intuitive Operation While Performing and Editing
  • On Board Patch Memories and Hands-on Controls
  • Equipped with a Built-In Phrase Looper, MIDI, USB, and more
  • Selectable Buffered or True-Bypass Operation
  • Runs on Four AA-Size Batteries or PSA-Series AC Adapter
  • Keep your DD-500 Up-to-Date by Downloading the Latest Update Here



  • Inputs: 2 x 1/4" Jack, 1 x MIDI In
  • Outputs: 2 x 1/4" Jack, 1 x MIDI Out
  • Additional Connections: 1 x 1/4" Jack (Control), 1 x USB
  • Type: Digital Delay
  • Controls: Mode, Time/Value, Feedback, E. Level, Tone, MOD Depth, Write, Exit, Edit
  • Foot Switches: Rec/Dub, Play, Stop
  • Housing: Aluminium
  • Finish: White

Delay Modes

  • Standard: Clear Digital Delay
  • Analog: Emulates Classic Analog "BBD" Delays
  • Tape: Tape Based Delay Emulation
  • Vintage Digital: 1980s Digital Delay Emulation
  • Dual: Dual Delay Lines Connected in Series or Parallel
  • Pattern: Sixteen Independently Adjustable Delay Lines
  • Reverse: Backwards Delay for Psychedelic Effects
  • SFX: "Special Effects" Delay
  • Shimmer: Pitch Shifted Delay Tones
  • Filter: Delay with a Sweeping Filter
  • Slow Attack: Ethereal Delays with Fade in Playing Dynamics
  • Tera Echo: Spacious, Animated Ambience Effect

Assignable Control Functions

  • Tap: Set the Delay in Time with Song's Tempo
  • Hold: Delay's Feedback is Held Continuously While the Switch is Pressed
  • Warp: Increases the Delay's Feedback and Level Simultaneously for Powerful Expressive Effects
  • Twist: Adjusts Multiple Delay Parameters with Single Press
  • Moment: Outputs the Delay Sound Only When you Hold Down the Switch
  • Roll 1/2: Cuts the Delay Time to 1/2 of the Current Setting
  • Roll 1/4 Cuts the Delay Time to 1/4 of the Current Setting
  • Roll 1/8: Cuts the Delay Time to 1/8 of the Current Setting
  • Fade In: Fades in the Delay Sound
  • Fade Out: Fades out the Delay Sound
  • Assign 1-8: Assign and Control Up To Eight Different Delay Parameters
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