Crumar Seventeen PARSIFAL 88 Note Stage Piano

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Step into a world of extraordinary musical expression with the Crumar Parsifal, a digital piano renowned for its vast and meticulously curated sound library. With an impressive assortment of 34 sounds, including 28 ROM sounds and 6 pre-installed expansions, the Parsifal offers versatility for every style and performance.


Key features include:

  • String Piano: Experience the rich, authentic tones of a String Piano, brilliantly recreated through advanced physical modeling.
  • Bechstein Acoustic Grand Piano: Dive into the deep, resonant sound of a sampled Bechstein acoustic grand piano, known for its dynamic range and tonal clarity.
  • Muted Piano with Sympathetic Resonances: Explore the nuanced, realistic sound of a muted piano, enhanced with sympathetic resonances to deliver an unparalleled auditory experience.
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The Crumar Parsifal represents the pinnacle of digital stage piano innovation, blending timeless sound quality with cutting-edge technology. Designed for both professional musicians and discerning enthusiasts, this instrument offers a rich palette of sounds, from the nuanced timbres of acoustic grand pianos to the iconic tones of vintage electric keyboards.

Sound Quality and Diversity
The Crumar Parsifal boasts an extensive library of 34 meticulously crafted sounds, including 28 ROM sounds and 6 preinstalled expansions. Among its standout features are the Physical Modeling Tine Piano, a new Bechstein acoustic grand sample, and a felt piano sample, all enriched with sympathetic resonances for unparalleled realism. The library also includes samples of the Acoustic Grand Piano D-274 & C5, Electric Grand Pianos from the 70s and 80s, Reed EP, DX EP, Clavi EP, MKS EP + AP, Vibraphone, and Harpsichord. With options for combo pianos and strings, the sound possibilities are vast. The preinstalled expansions such as Venice Grand variations and Vertical Electric Grand, further enhance its versatility. All multisamples are loop-free, with up to 12 velocity layers for dynamic expression.
Effects and Amplification
The instrument is equipped with an array of effects to sculpt your sound, including two FX units with options like Tremolo, Stereo Auto-Panner, LFO Wah Wah, Stereo Chorus, Flanger, and two Phasers. An amplifier section offers five different models plus overdrive, alongside mono or ping-pong DELAY, various REVERB types with adjustable level and decay, and a stereo semi-parametric 3-band EQ, ensuring every performance can be tailored to perfection.
Construction and Connectivity
The Crumar Parsifal is built to last, with a sturdy black metal chassis and elegant wooden sides. It features an Italian 88-note hammer action keyboard with three sensors, promising exceptional playability and response. The user interface is straightforward, boasting a 16x2 LCD and preset buttons for easy navigation. Connectivity is comprehensive, including MIDI OUT, USB-MIDI IN/OUT ports, balanced L & R outputs, and a headphone out, alongside a USB system type "A" connector and a sustain pedal jack.
SOUNDS (28 ROM + 6 preinstalled expansions):
• Physical Modeling Tine Piano
• New Bechstein acoustic grand sample (with sympathetic resonances)
• New Felt piano sample (with sympathetic resonances)
• Acoustic Grand Piano D-274 & C5 (with sympathetic resonances)
• Electric Grand Pianos 70 & 80 (with sympathetic resonances)
• Reed EP, DX EP, Clavi EP (all pickup combinations), MKS EP + AP, Vibraphone, Harpsichord
• Several choices of Combo pianos & Combo piano + strings
• Preinstalled expansions: Venice Grand, Venice Grand Open, Venice Grand Breeze, Vertical Electric Grand, Venice Grand CFX, Venice upright K8
• 64 Presets

All acoustic and electric piano multisamples don't use loops. Most samples use from 6 up to 12 velocity layers.

• FX1: Tremolo, Stereo auto-panner, LFO Wah Wah, Dynamic (auto) Wah Wah
• FX2: Stereo Chorus, Stereo Flanger, Stereo Phaser 1 (4 stages), Stereo Phaser 2 (6 stages)
• AMP: 5 models + overdrive
• DELAY: mono or ping-pong
• REVERB: Several types + adjustable level and decay
• EQ: stereo semi-parametric 3-band

• Black metal and wooden sides.
• Italian 88 notes hammer action keyboard with 3 sensors.
• Easy user interface with 16x2 LCD and preset buttons.
• MIDI OUT connector and USB-MIDI IN/OUT port.
• Balanced output L & R and headphones out.
• USB system type "A" connector.
• Sustain pedal jack.
• Internal PSU.

• Power rating: 100V AC ~ 240V AC
• Headphone output max load: 32 ohm (recommended 55 ohm or more)
• Stereo balanced line output level: +4 dBu
• Dimensions: cm130 x cm14 x cm38,5 - 51'' x 15'' x 5,5''
• Weight: 22,5 Kg - 50 lbs

• CSP-40: Sustain pedal

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