Fender Hammertone Digital Delay Pedal, 023-4572-000

Delay changes everything.

Subtly sweetened leads, clucky country slap back, surfy swells, rhythmic dotted-eighths and huge ambient washes – it’s been a defining factor in just about every genre of guitar music. The Hammertone™ Delay provides up to 950ms of crisp and clean delay, lush modulation at the flick of a switch and three different delay types. Analog Dry-Through keeps your tone pure when the effect is on, while the pedal board-friendly top-mounted in & out jacks and true bypass footswitch mean it will integrate seamlessly into your rig.


Hammertone™ Delay
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A testament to time

The Fender Digital Delay is incredibly versatile, providing three distinct delay modes, all of which are equally as draw-dropping as the last. A Type switch allows for effortless changing between clean digital delay, vintage inspired tape echo and an analogue delay that will infuse your performance with a welcoming warmth. Partnered with a Mod switch, you can also add incredible modulation to your sound, adding sweet melodic choral textures to the pedal's sound, an effect which can be controlled with the Rate and Depth dials on the front.

Fender forged

This pedal is constructed with the utmost care and attention, providing an economic solution to pedal board space, and practical solutions to durability. Constructed from sturdy aluminium, you can be assured that the pedal will stand the test of time, coping brilliantly with mid performance stomps. The fact that the jack inputs are top mounted ensures that the pedal doesn’t take up too much room on your pedal board, allowing for easy connection to other pedals and ensuring the jacks don’t get in the way.



  • Country of Origin: CN
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Series: Hammertone
  • Product Code: 0234572000
  • Input Impedance: 500k ohm
  • Output Impedance: 470 ohm
  • Power Consumption: 80mA
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