Foxgear Squeeze Guitar Compressor Pedal, FGSQZ

If you take your guitar or bass playing seriously then you understand how important a compressor is. The Foxgear Squeeze Optical Compressor gives you serious compression abilities, you can use this pedal to greatly sculpt your sound. Whilst leaving loads of space the fundamental guitar sound, the compressor targets the upper and lower harmonics and squeezes them down to give you a full, consistent tone. With no added noise, the Squeeze pedal is fully transparent and offers you a powerful tool in your guitar set up.

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Full Description

Consistent, Compressed Tone

Tone is everything. You can have all the technique and guitar playing skill in the world but unfortunately, you won’t get the tone you need without a powerful compression tool. The Foxgear Squeeze Optical Compressor gives you access to very useful compression utility. It's easy to control and change parameters, and it comes in a tiny box too so it's very size conscious. The Squeeze allows you quickly and effectively adjust the size of your tone, and it can help you achieve the guitar sound for the style you play. The Squeeze by Foxgear is tiny and made of durable components, and it lights up too!

Tough, Tiny Housing

Foxgear make tiny pedals. The slim design of this Foxgear range is perfect for slotting in one, two, or more of their effects pedals on to your board. Four of these pedals take up the space of about three standard sized pedals. If your short on space but need one of these wonderful pedals to reach your tone goals, then the Foxgear range is the ideal solution.


  • Controls for Ratio and Volume
    • Bass, Middle, Treble: passive EQ tone stack.
    • Ratio: sets the amount of compression.
    • Volume: sets the output level after compression
  • Top mounted jacks
  • Size conscious design


  • Power:
    • Power In 9 to 12VDC
    • Consumption at 9V
  • Width: 60mm
  • Length: 120mm
  • Height: 30mm
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