Keeley Compressor Plus Pedal, KE-COMPPL

The Keeley Compressor Plus Pedal builds on the most popular boutique compressor in the world. Keeley have developed an unrivalled array of knowledge when it comes to dynamic processing, and they know exactly what to do to transform your guitar tone. The Compressor Plus features a simple Release Switch that is tuned for single coils, or humbuckers. You can flick the switch to get the perfect release setting depending on the pickups you are using. This intuitive control design varies on throughout the pedal, with an easy to use Tone Control that is designed to emphasize the most sensitive harmonics that can often be lost in compression. The pedal is also equipped with a Blend control to retain the peaks in your playing and maintain the proper phasing of your instrument. The Compressor Plus is expertly designed and crafted to deliver the same hypnotic range of frequencies and rich, sweet tone that Keeley's original compressors gave you, and is perfectly suited to any instrument.

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Not Just A Compressor

Keeley's dynamic processing expertise has allowed them to implement innovative features into their pedals. As such, the Compressor Plus is a compressor with an expander/sustainer on board. Not only does it deal with regular compression, limiting the peaks of your playing, it also adds more and more gain as your notes fade out. This added sustain can transform your sound completely, giving you rich, creamy tone that can last as long as you want it to. Gone are the days of notes and bends dieing out prematurely, the Compressor Plus can bulk up your sound with the perfect amount of sustain and expressive bloom.

Quick & Easy Release Settings

The Compressor Plus is equipped with a handy Release Switch designed to give you the perfect compression release settings for your instrument. With the ability to toggle between Single Coil and Humbucker release, you can easily transition between release settings depending on the guitar that you are using. Due to Humbuckers having more average energy than a Single Coil pickup, this can cause compressors to remain in "compression mode" for longer than they should, often resulting in dull, flat sounding notes. The Humbucker setting on the Release Switch gives you a quick release setting to combat this, giving just the right amount of release to sustain your sound perfectly, whilst keeping it from sounding off.

Keeley Tone Control

The Tone Control on the Compressor Plus is Keeley's very own design taken from analog delays and other vintage effects units. The units it was taken from used an emphasis circuit in order to recover treble that had been lost when the signal went through a BBD or other analog delay lines. That circuit was been taken and carefully crafted into a dynamic and complete tone control in the Compressor Plus, enabling you to maintain an astounding tone, even under heavy compression.

Manhattan Compression With Blend Control

The Blend feature on the Compressor Plus is the ideal way to get peaks to come through and get sustain simultaneously. You can keep your peaks and transients by utilising the Blend and Tone Controls, and add sustain in the back end. Perfect for beefing up your sound and keeping it under control at the same time.

15 Years Of Compression Expertise

Keeley's Chief Engineer and founder, Robert Keeley, says that compression was the first effect he found that was hard to make sound good off the shelf. 15 years of development and experimentation have fixed that. Now down to a science, but still treated like art, Keeley's compression units are renowned the world over for achieving everything from heavy funk and chicken-picking sounds, all the way to smooth, subtle washes or complete ambient bliss. Perfect for use with other effects both correctively and creatively, you can achieve enormous walls of sound without having to spend a fortune on studio time. The Keeley Compressor Plus is studio-grade compression in a box.

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