Lollar "Special S" Single Coil pickups - Set of Three

Set of Three "Special S" Single Coil Pickups

Configuration: Neck / Middle / Bridge
Pole Type: Flat Poles
Color: Parchment

Our "Special S" pickup set offers higher output Strat® pickups with more drive, providing faster and harder amp break-up. Enjoy increased sustain, compression, fuller midrange, and reduced glassiness, along with less quack in positions 2 and 4. This set delivers an impressive array of tones.

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  • Average DC Resistance:
    • Neck: 6.7K
    • Middle: 7.1K
    • Bridge: 7.6K

Pole Information: Flat-pole pickups have all individual pole pieces at the same height, unlike staggered-pole pickups, which have poles at different heights to compensate for heavier string gauges, particularly wound 3rd strings.

For better string balance, presence, bass, and output, we typically recommend flat-pole pickups over staggered poles.

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