NUX Mighty Plug Pro - Remote Modelling Headphone Amplifier - MPLUG-PRO

NUX Remote Modelling headphone amplug - MIGHTY PLUG PRO - silent-play gear for guitarist and bassist
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Introducing the Mighty Plug Pro, a powerhouse headphone amplifier designed for guitarists and bassists. Packed with an array of effects, Amp Modeling, and Impulse Response (IR) cabinet models, this device takes your practice and performance to the next level. Building upon its predecessor, the Mighty Plug, the Mighty Plug Pro offers even more functionality, flexible block routings, and exciting livestream capabilities.

With the Mighty Plug Pro, you can easily stream Bluetooth playback, microphone signals, and guitar signals through USB with OTG onto your mobile device. This opens up a world of possibilities for livestreaming your performances or creating captivating videos. Take center stage on your favorite social media platforms and showcase your latest #reels, #shorts, and #livestreams with confidence.

The Mighty Plug Pro is not only a gateway to online stardom but also a versatile tool for your musical endeavors. Its extensive effects, Amp Modeling, and IR cabinet models allow you to craft your desired sound with precision. The device's flexible block routings further enhance your creative options, providing seamless integration with your unique playing style.

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