Sire Basses P7 2nd Gen Series Marcus Miller Alder 4-string Active Bass Guitar Antique White - P7+ A4/AWH

alder 4-string active bass guitar antique white
Marcus Miller P7+ models are the new industry standard for high quality affordable priced Precision-type bass guitars. The punch and power of the P-type bass is combined with the J-bass bridge pickup and the modern playability of the 38 mm J-bass neck. Marcus Miller basses are made of the highest quality materials in its range.
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P7+ A4/AWH
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North American alder body
A popular choice for most bass guitars is the North American alder. Other basses at this price range commonly use basswood or agathis tone wood but Sire Guitars chooses the traditional North American alder which is known for its strong, clear full-bodied sound, with beefy mids and excellent lows that is perfect for a traditional sound.
Bone nut
The nut is one of the most important parts of the guitar that influences the performance, playability, and tone of the instrument. Depending on the quality of the material and elasticity, the nut can either improve or degrade the sound. Although the bone nut is more costly and harder to work with, it is considered to deliver more balanced, clearer and smoother tones than plastic or other materials.
Ebony fingerboard
Ebony fingerboards are made with very dense wood that delivers clear, crisp, and well-rounded tones.
Marcus Heavy Mass bridge
Marcus Miller SIRE P7+ bass is equipped with the newly designed Marcus Heavy Mass Standard Bridge.This was specially developed at the request of Marcus Miller, giving the bass a rich and punchy sound. The new bridge allows a string-through body method or a string through bridge method. The string through body method allows a tighter, more accurate and stable tone.
Rolled fretboard edges
A true customshop feature
We have taken the overall playability to the next level with the rolled fingerboard edges. .What only custom shops can achieve, is now available in the Sire 2nd Gen series. These rounded edges will give players a firmer and more natural grasp, compared to the typical fretboards.
Marcus Super-PJ Revolution set
Marcus Miller Super-PJ Revolution Pickup set is an upgraded pickup set that gives players that rich, powerful unique precision bass sound as well as the vintage jazz bass tone.In addition to the Fiber Bobbin and Alnico 5 magnets, this pick up is also made with US manufactured USA coil magnet wires.
Marcus Heritage-3 Preamp
SIRE’s unique preamp system is a perfect example that represents our technology and philosophy that is integrated into our instruments.With multiple tone controls, players have total command to achieve the perfect tone they desire. The use of 18v batteries enables the player to attain unaltered natural sounds with strong and powerful outputs. With the 3-band EQ, players are able to carry out versatility in sounds that will be suited for all music sessions and performances. All models are built with the option of both active and passive modes. Even in the passive mode, the volume, tone, and pickup balancer are fully functional, giving the players more control of the tone in any mode..
body material: North American alder
body shape: Sire P Type
body color: antique white
neck material: hard maple (satin finish)
neck shape:l C-shape with rolled fingerboard edges
scale: 34"
neck joint: 4 bolt steel square plate
fingerboard: ebony
fingerboard radius: 9.5"
frets: 2.4mm medium, 20 frets
string nut: 4 string – natural bone 38mm width
binding: 1 ply ivory
inlay: white perloid block
pickups: Marcus super PJ revolution set
preamp: Marcus heritage-3 with middle frequency control
controls: volume/tone (dual pot) : pickup blender : treble : middle/middle frequency (dual pot) : bass, mini toggle (active/passive)
knobs: aluminium modern type in black
bridge: Marcus Miller modern S
tuning gear: premium open gear
hardware finish: chrome
pick guard: tortoise
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