Suhr Riot Distortion Pedal, 03-RIO-0001

The original. And it comes loaded with powerful modern tweaks. Sublime, severe gain oozes from this Suhr Riot Distortion. It's a versatile, reliable, road-ready pedal brimming with Suhr original Riot Distortion charisma. Explore the distinct roar of the Riot's distortion that delivers everything from instantly recognisable crunch right on through to scintillating high-gain goodness. Plus, with tone tweaking dials, voice switching, and true bypass, the Suhr Riot is capable of delivering the touch sensitivity and sonic characteristics of a quality 100 watt amp too. Tantalising tone awaits...

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Riveting Riot - the original

A legend. This sonic aggressor erupts with distinctive distortion and classic crunch, right on through to high-gain heaven. It brings you a high-gain distortion pedal with immense versatility, as well as the tonal charm and touch sensitivity of a quality 100 watt tube amp. Gnarly, right? Transform your amp from pure, pristine cleans into a commanding rock tone that'll spark creativity from first strum. You also have voice switching that when used to the left will deliver a natural and organic character that responds superbly to your guitar's volume. In the middle position, you're now in high-gain territory with a strong mid-range and a tight bottom end. To the right, the voicing switch gives you vintage gain flavour with fantastic definition. It's all that original sound, right at your disposal.



  • Product: Suhr Riot Distortion
  • Code: 03-RIO-0001
  • Dials: Distortion/Tone/Level
  • Switch: Voice (Diodes/LED)
  • Tap Switch: True Bypass
  • Input Impedance: 1M ohm
  • Output Impedance: 600 ohm
  • Power: Powered By -9Vdc
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