Vox Bobcat S66 Electric Guitar, Red, BC-S66-CR

Distincitvely vintage. The Vox Bobcat S66 takes players back to the vintage roots of rock 'n' roll - the 1960s. Hosting a trio of slashing S66 single-coils, the Bobcat kicks out a beautifully-balanced, versatile tone of unique quality. Their ability to alternate between snappy, bright tones, and rich, warm character sets them apart from other semi-hollow guitars. And, combined with the tonal depth and resonance of the hollow design, your sound will truly shimmer through any mix.

Crank up the gain. Because, thanks to a spruce centre block, players can unleash searing lead tones and crunchy rhythms with minimal feedback. It's weight-relieved, too. Meaning you can roam the stage with a feeling of complete weightlessness and freedom. A sleek Indonesian ebony fretboard is layered onto a sculpted mahogany neck, delivering maximum playing comfort to the player. Because, ultimately, you should be in control. Of course, the Bobcat is finished off with a myriad of vintage appointments to give it that stunning, heritage aesthetic. It wouldn't be a Bobcat without it, would it?

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Stunning semi-hollow sound

Complete tonal freedom. The Bobcat S66 blows sonic versatility wide open. Hollowbody guitars are renowned for their ability to produce fuller, more-resonant tones than their solid-body counterparts. Possessing the warm, rounded qualities of an acoustic guitar, hollowbody guitars deliver an unmatched presence on stage.

The elegant hollowbody design also features a double cutaway for enhanced playability, and providing you with precise control across all 22 frets. Achieve a beautifully mellow tone, perfect for jazz, blues, and rock genres. Furthermore, the sleek body is reinforced with a weight-relieved centre block, reducing feedback significantly and painting your sound with effortless sustain.

Slashing single-coil clarity

When it comes to semi-hollow guitars, few posses the rich, snapping clarity of the Bobcat. And much of that of down to the trio of scintillating S66 single-coil pickups that feature in its distinctive design. Single-coils are renowned for their unique bite and attack with each pick or strum, along with soaring brightness that elegantly flies through the mix during performance. This sound is often not associated with a traditional semi-hollow design, meaning you can experienece a tone that stands out from the rest. Not to mention the impeccable versatility you'll witness as a result of three pickups, letting you explore a range of different pickup voicings. A range of rich tonal variation at your fingertips...

Pristine performance

Let your creativity flow. The Bobcat comes loaded with the perfect neck and fingerboard combination for letting you play without restraint. The smooth Indonesian ebony wood used for the S66's fretboard will help your fingers to dance and glide up and down the scale. You'll be able to play with greater pace and accuracy as a result. Perfect for soloing. A sleek mahogany neck will be comfortable in your hand, helping you to move more freely along the neck. This will reduce chafing and soreness, helping you to play on for hours on end. Which is just as well. Because, truth be told, this is a guitar you'll never want to stop playing.




  • Model Name: Vox Bobcat S66, Red
  • Model Code: S66-RD
  • Body: Maple Plywood
  • Centre Block: Weight-Relieved Spruce

Neck and Fingerboard

  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Fretboard: Indonesian Ebony
  • Scale: 635 mm

Hardware and Electronics

  • Nut Width: 43 mm
  • Tuning Keys: Grover Open Gear
  • Pickups: VOX S66 x 3
  • Controls: Volume x 3, Tone x 1
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